Letter: Tennis Reply

by MissionViejoDispatch.com on December 19, 2012

As male player and 11-year member of the tennis facility, and a participant in many leagues both within the club and with the United States Tennis Association, I can tell you that all most of the players really wanted was better lighting.

We wanted to keep the front parking but they wiped that out. We didn’t care about the club house, but they built a nice one which will make the ladies who play during the week very happy.

The blogs keep calling it a “5.5 million tennis improvement” but never mention that about 1/3rd of that was for the swim center parking.

The absurdity of the lights is that no one ever saw these lights in action at another facility before blessing the design, and the City never involved two of it most valuable assets before settling on the lights. Those assets are Brian Gruner, a former top college player who runs the tennis centers, and Jason Harnett who is a teaching pro there AND IS A WORLD CLASS COACH.

Through his efforts Mission Viejo has secured the contract for the 2013 wheelchair championships. But unless the lighting is fixed the City will make the news again when they are forced to cancel that event.

And while Ted doesn’t think we have world class players, we have had several teams go the the National Championships just since I have been playing there.

The lights at the Sierra Center are great, why the City could not duplicate those is a mystery. Oh I forgot they did not get them right untill their 3rd try.

Kime Goodrum

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