Letter: “Activist” Means Action

by MissionViejoDispatch.com on March 13, 2013

Some conservatives opposing big government think “activist” is a negative term and “concerned citizen” sounds better. Perhaps so, but concerned citizens may or may not act on their beliefs while activists make their views public, to motivate passive concerned citizens and get unconcerned citizens to pay attention to important issues. Only the tiniest minority of activists nationwide cause civil disruption, and they rightfully should be called revolutionaries.

Joe Holtzman (OCR)

It would be an injustice to call Joe Holtzman of Mission Viejo merely a concerned citizen. He is an activist on multiple fronts from Mission Viejo City Hall to the San Onofre Nuclear Station and beyond. He speaks out on many fronts, including the internet and in meeting halls.

The Orange County Register and the media are crediting (and, thankfully, labeling) activists like Joe with gaining the release of a report by the manufacturer of the steam generators whose malfunction led to the station shutdown last year. Some interpret what they call efforts to bypass warnings of potential malfunction. The station owner, Southern California Edison, challenges the interpretations and denies any wrongdoing.

Mostly in the Dispatch we are focused on City Hall, but there is no other issue here greater than the potential disaster of an accident at San Onofre. Joe Holtzman also helped lead the fight to expose the dangers of excess capacity power lines on the ridge along Mission Viejo’s eastern flank.

Thanks to Joe. Hopefully he can turn some concerned citizens into activists and some of the uninformed into concerned citizens.

Allan Pilger


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Joe Zambito March 14, 2013 at 9:37 am

The country needs more Joe Holtzmans

Bonnie Benton March 14, 2013 at 11:37 am

Anyone interested in this issue should also read Michael Hiltzik’s column in yesterday’s (Mar 13) issue of the LA Times, “Ratepayers shafted in San Onofre Fiasco”. It’s not only about the safety of San Onofre….it’s about the money……what a surprise!

Gene Stone April 4, 2013 at 9:11 pm

We need more folks to inform themselves like Joe has, and speak out. Glad to call him a friend.

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